Perform Better: Pass your PT test every time! This class is designed to meet the needs of service members who want to enhance their physical fitness test performance.  Learn strength training and core conditioning techniques that can help with all          components of the fitness tests (including pull-ups). 
*Info on the AFI 36-2905 also included.

Fitness 101: Want to get and stay fit? In  this class you will learn exercise guidelines for optimal health as well as how to monitor exercise intensity, set SMART goals, strengthen core muscles using the FITTER principle.

Running Clinic:  Improve your run time!  This 2-hour class is designed to teach running mechanics, proper shoe selection, injury prevention, performance enhancement and more. Taught by a Physical Therapist.

 Get fit the fun way! Come check out a bike
at the HAWC to get in your daily physical activity!

Pregnancy Fitness Workshop
: YES!  You can be pregnant
and fit!  Join this 1.5-hour educational workshop that offers guidance for exercising safely during any stage of pregnancy (as well as postpartum).        

Healthy Back Class:
No more achy backs!  2-hour class provides information and exercise instruction for individuals with low back pain/dysfunction and for those identified to be at a higher risk for low back injuries.  Taught by a Physical Therapist.

Sports/Performance Nutrition:  Release the athlete within you!  Learn how to fuel your body to optimize performance. Includes diet plan, and guidance on ergogenic aids and supplements.