Eat Smart...Play Hard MacDill! Shed those extra pounds!
Our 10-week weight management program
balances nutrition, exercise principles, and techniques for lifestyle and behavior changes.  Using our state-of-the art evaluation tools our Registered Dietitian will work with you to develop your customized program.

Tobacco Cessation: “Kick the habit” for good! Join our 4-week class and receive guidance on exercise, stress management, dental health and weight management.  Group discussion and  the American Cancer Society’s “Freshstart” modules give you tools and strategies for success!

Other options:

· SmokeSignals®: This latest computer technology can help you stop smoking! Use a unique combination of a smart cigarette case with web-based advice & feedback  to  enhance your success!

· Ready, Set, STOP! : CD based program for checkout

· SAMMC Quitline: 1-877-726-6211 (free patches or gum)

· www.ucanquit2.org: Chat online with a certified  tobacco cessation professional .

Eat This, Not That! : Don’t let extra weight creep up on you! This 1-hour class provides strategies for maintaining a healthy weight throughout your life. Includes diet prescription.

Forever Fit:
 Know your numbers!  DASH to this
1-hour class for guidance on nutrition and lifestyle changes to reduce the risks of developing high blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose.